Twinning is declining in Britain just when we need to be reinforcing ties to communities within Europe.

It’s easy to envisage, that if Britain brexits, councils in Leave areas will use Brexit as an excuse to cut links with European towns altogether, despite the fact that the majority of twinning associations no longer receive council funding.

Although funding from the EACEA’s Europe for Citizens programme has been available for twinning projects since 2014, Britain doesn’t have a contact point for this programme, confirmed to us by Head of Unit, Europe for Citizens, Gilles Pelayo.

The Council of Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) gives a couple of contacts for twinning at the Local Government Association (LGA) CEMR Twinning Links  but according to the LGA, funding for this was cut eight years ago.

There are a few regional twinning associations, but no national one. This means that with no contact points for the twinning funding, it is very difficult to access.

CEMR Table of Twinnings Across Europe 2010