CelebrateEurope builds on the experience gained from RemainerAction, an information resource for Remainers, which started as a hashtag on a personal Twitter account.

It ended up with 10 000 visitors a month on the website and 1.8 million impressions per 28 days on its’ own Twitter account. RemainerAction peaked at #47 on the Rise INSurgents Top 250 Power Influencers Remainer list – and all of this without a single paid ad anywhere, in just fourteen months.

CelebrateEurope is a separate project. It is pro-European but the resemblance to RemainerAction ends there.

RemainerAction grew out of a need for information. CelebrateEurope will grow out of a need for hope. Hope that whatever happens, pro-Europeans can retain, build and strengthen our links with Europe – and have the determination to do it.

CelebrateEurope will be looking to be hands-on, out in the community, and there will a campaign in the summer.


Flowers for Europe will be a non-political campaign, asking people living in Britain, to lay flowers or a candle on or near the graves or memorials of notable Europeans or their own relatives. We live on the continent of Europe, we are all Europeans. Our history and our DNA are forever entangled.

Madeleina Kay @albawhitewolf is working on the artwork and you can see her first illustration here. Sneak peek..Marengo