Online Course: European Culture and Politics (University of Groningen)

This course from the University of Groningen is endorsed by Euroculture, a multi-university programme under the Erasmus educational umbrella.

The course is designed to take 5 hours per week for six weeks, but you can go at your own pace over eight weeks. An upgrade is available at a cost of £42.00, to give unlimited access as well as a certificate of achievement if you pass the course.

Topics covered:

  • Europe and European Culture
  • Europe and Religion
  • Europe and Modernity
  • Europe and Democracy
  • Europe and the Nation State
  • Europe as/and the Other


Senka Neuman
Lecturer and researcher, European Studies, University of Groningen

More information and video tasters from FutureLearn
Future Learn University of Groningen European Culture and Politics

The course is currently available to start now 21.02.18