Louis Bleriot Memorial, Dover

Louis Bleriot was the first man to fly a plane between France and England, on 25th July 1909. When he landed behind Dover Castle, the site was a meadow. Now, the very spot on which he landed is marked with a stone silhouette of his plane, and the site is in a wood. The silhouette dates back to 1910.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial is signposted (brown and white signs) but the entrance is low key so easy to miss. Nor does the site have its own postcode for satnavs.  The nearest is CT16 1 and the Louis Bleriot Memorial is behind Dover Castle, off Upper Road.

If you drive up Castle Hill  (or walk, if you like steep hills) and see a car park (used by coaches in tourist season) you’re not far away. Once in Upper Road you can turn into and drive along the lane, straight ahead, some way. Parking is free. Walk along the path from the parking area and when it forks, go left. The path is not well maintained by Dover District Council, so heels are inadvisable.


Very tranquil, lots of seating, good place for dogs and kids to stretch their legs.

One of the places at which flowers were placed on Europe Day.


Louis Bleriot Memorial, Dover copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell


Dover Castle (rear view) Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

View of Dover Castle from the lane leading to the Louis Blériot Memorial.