Europe is our future.

Regardless of whether Britain Brexits or not, the nature of our relationship with the European Union will change profoundly.

Although the fight to Remain continues, it’s right to look ahead and start working on strengthening ties between Britain and its’ mainland at grassroots level.

Many British politicians and media outlets have been found to have lied so extensively, that it is now difficult, to know whom we can trust. Maybe we should start within our own communities.

Living on the continent of Europe, makes us Europeans, regardless of nationality or ethnic background. Europe is our home.

Let’s work together, in a myriad of ways, to make Europe better.

British politicians are fond of telling us, that the European Union is a political project and that for the British people, it’s about trade.

Sir Winston Churchill would have disagreed, he was a fervent believer in a United States of Europe.

The European Union has developed over time, from the first organisation, the European Steel and Coal Community. It was thought that cooperation and control of the basic markets in coal and steel, would prevent any one European nation, from developing arms.

The most basic tenet of the European Union, is peace. 500 million people, living in peace for the past seventy years.


Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell